How to launch your business at a startup accelerator

Go behind the scenes with German founder Yascha Roshani

Ever wonder what it’s like to participate in a startup accelerator?

Today’s your chance to get a look behind the scenes.

But you also had the same opportunity last week. And you’ll get it again next week. And the week after that. And the week after that.

We’re rolling full steam ahead in our 2024 collaboration with the German chapter of the Founder Institute

Deadlines for the Founder Institute’s Spring 2024 Cohorts are fast approaching, by the way! 

If you’re an early-stage founder, you might want to check out their Core Program, designed for founders at the pre-seed stage, including idea-stage founders, first-time founders, people making the leap from employee to entrepreneur, and small teams that are pre-funding.

In line with our values of celebrating and supporting diversity in global entrepreneurship, the Founder Institute has programs happening literally all over the world — from Angola to Austin, Córdoba to Croatia, Lagos to London — and many, many places in between.

Today, we celebrate the work of German entrepreneur Yascha Roshani, an FI alum and the founder of Honest & Rare.

Think, Build & Grow with Founder Institute alumn Yascha Roshani

How many ideas were born over a couple of drinks?

In 2019, Yascha Roshani stepped into the Founder Institute's startup accelerator program in Berlin to get his this-started-over-drinks idea off the ground. 

Yascha founded Honest & Rare, an online marketplace for craft food and beverages, catering to people hungry (and thirsty) for more than traditional, everyday supermarket products.

Read Yascha’s story to understand how he thinks about, built, and is growing the business that came to life during his experience at Founder Institute’s Core Program.

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