Meet the Nairobi team making a outsourcing win-win for everyone

March 2023:

The world needs more visionary, creative, and bold individuals who can transform their local economies, lift people out of poverty, and create positive social change.

I believe that generating awareness for these amazing folks will create opportunities — from investments to partnerships to market expansion — enabling everyone to reach their full potential faster.

Those are my thoughts from the early days, when we brought Mergerous to life.

Underlying those thoughts was a long-held belief that the world’s next great economies would emerge from Africa and that it was time for the rest of the world to start paying more attention.

As an eternal optimist and non-stop dreamer, I figured the “generating awareness” part would be a piece of cake. But here we are six months later, publishing a story about Kenyan entrepreneurs — our very first from Africa.

So, today’s email has a singular focus: to express immense gratitude to Victor and Kelvin (our Kenyan collaborators) and to thank ALL the African entrepreneurs we’re actively working with.

Be on the lookout for MANY more stories about entrepreneurs in Africa over the coming months and years!

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See you next week,

Nolan Bulger

Founder, Mergerous Media Co.

P.S. Today’s story is all about AI, so here’s the hilarious — er, ridiculous — summary from ChatGPT:

"Hey there! Ever heard of a company that charges less, pays its peeps more, and still rocks the profit game? Meet Impact Outsourcing, straight outta Nairobi!

These guys are shaking up the Data Annotation scene, helping AI companies get their data right. The best part? They're hiring local talent, mostly women, giving them top-notch training, and paying them double the usual rate.

While other companies are cashing in big time and paying peanuts, Impact Outsourcing is all about fair play. And guess what? They started this awesomeness in 2019 and are already making waves. Good vibes only!"