Saying goodbye (for now)

Hey there,

Unbelievably, we’re winding down 2023. We’ll take next week off to rest, eat a ton of sarmale (aka Romanian cabbage rolls), and prepare for a solid start to our fifth year of the decade.

After publishing 18 newsletter issues, launching an academy to help you accelerate your personal, business, and leadership growth, and interviewing just shy of 100 entrepreneurs, it feels like a good time to pause and reflect. 

But it’s an even better time to say Thank You.

Firstly, to you, dear reader: Thanks for supporting our efforts. You’ve got a bias towards action and constantly encourage us to develop an engaged community of global entrepreneurs. None of this would be possible without you.

Secondly, throughout the year, I’ve leaned heavily on our team’s experience, advice, and expertise. They all deserve a shout-out.

Melanie Guil is a multi-talented writer and photographer based in Madrid — ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. She’s an invaluable asset for any team needing a skilled and enthusiastic bilingual (Spanish-English) storyteller.

A dedicated and loyal contributor to any team she supports, Danielle Jones deserves strong consideration for your open virtual assistant and content writer positions.

Sean Campbell is our boots on the ground in South Africa. With experience in copywriting, branding, scriptwriting, editing & proofreading (among many other things), he’s a solid choice for anyone looking for an experienced and well-rounded wordsman.

Based in Washington, D.C., and originally from Georgia, Nino Abdaladze is our newest contributor. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, ABC News, Yahoo, etc. For global perspectives and political insights, Nino is worthy of consideration.

Journalist, producer, and podcaster Jimena Ledgard is based in Lima, Perú — hit up her website if you’re looking for someone in LatAm.

Jane Yettram and Ellie Fennell are UK-based feature writers with a keen eye for compelling stories and networks filled with fascinating individuals.

And second-to-last but certainly not least, Flatra Hasimi, thanks for believing in us and everything we’re doing at Mergerous. You’re constantly pushing us to pursue excellence in everything we do.

Finally, an exceptional person is hidden behind all the happenings at Mergerous. He prefers not to be named, but let’s just say he’s unique and loves nature. I appreciate him greatly.

I hope you don’t mind me taking the time to give all of those folks a moment of gratitude and praise.

What about you? 

If this has inspired you to give one (or lots!) of your team members recognition, let me know – we’d love to hear about it!

🔎 Watchlist

Dr. Chris Silali is a testament to perseverance and ingenuity in Kenyan entrepreneurship. An agri-tech innovator, his business, GenePlus, helps African farmers to transform their productivity and profitability. Read about it here.

What's the secret to workplace happiness? English entrepreneur Richard Clarke has made this question the driving force behind operations at his company, Secret Source. After years of research, he has successfully unlocked the formula for creating IT teams everyone loves working with.

Spanish entrepreneur Koldo Ugarte, co-founder of the digital consulting agency Living Crowdland, is fully committed to growing through experimentation. His commitment to testing led him to establish two additional ventures to use as proving grounds for novel ideas and alternative work systems.

See you next year!

Nolan Bulger

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