How startup founders go from idea to impact

...with the help of experienced mentors & advisors

I asked you recently if you’d ever wondered what it’s like to participate in a startup accelerator.

But that’s probably a tricky question because there are so many aspects of participating in startup accelerators. Especially if we’re talking about the world’s largest!

Let’s make it easier to wrap your mind around.

Now’s your chance to soak up specific insights about what it’s like to participate in a startup accelerator.

I want to help you understand the accelerator experience through the eyes of two mentors who are knee-deep in the trenches, working with founders on the hard problems they face every day.

Think with Claudia Bacco, US-born international executive, CMO and entrepreneur

Since Y Combinator’s inception in 2005, accelerator programs have become crucial to the success of early-stage startup growth, empowering founders to transform their ideas into attractive investments for angel investors, VCs, and the like.

While there is a boatload of obvious benefits in accelerator…ism, the mentorship aspect often gives early-stage founders the edge needed. Mentors help founders face the inevitable challenges of moving from idea to execution.

Claudia Bacco shines at Founder Institute’s German Chapter because her mentorship goes beyond the operational and tactical aspects of building a startup; she’s focused on helping founders cultivate the right mindset for success. 

Claudia's mentorship approach: providing constructive feedback, challenging assumptions, and encouraging founders to think critically about their value proposition and market fit.

Read her story to see how she helps founders develop practically viable and competitive ideas.

Build with Joerg Geier, German sustainability strategist and mentor

What are the long-term consequences of my actions?

This question drives Joerg Geier's work as a sustainability strategist, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur.

Joerg is another of the standout mentors at Founder Institute, with whom we’ve connected this month.

Applying his broad expertise in sustainable innovation, impact investing, leadership education, and green entrepreneurship, Joerg mentors entrepreneurs at the Founder Institute in Berlin.

"I've always been intrigued by making a difference and thinking about things from somewhat of a different perspective. It was really about, 'What does it mean? What do my actions mean?'" he says.

Read his story to understand the intricate process of building profitable, purposeful, and environmentally responsible enterprises.

Until next time,

Nolan Bulger

P.S. Have you ever participated in a startup accelerator or know someone who has? I’d love to hear about it!

P.P.S. If you’re an early-stage founder, you might want to check out Founder Insitute’s Core Program, designed for founders at the pre-seed stage, including idea-stage founders, first-time founders, people making the leap from employee to entrepreneur, and small teams that are pre-funding.