Meet entrepreneurs in Kenya, India, and Spain


We’re gearing up for another round of interviews with entrepreneurs in January. 2024 (!) is right around the corner, and all the spots for the month will be spoken for well before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st.

Do you know any business builders, innovators, and all-around inspiring entrepreneurs? Let’s give them the first chance to be featured.

Could you reply to this email and tell me who I should meet?

Next week, you will meet an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry with offices in Singapore, Thailand, and China, along with the founder of a fast-growing fintech startup in Zambia, and you’ll reconnect with one of the entrepreneurs featured in this issue of Think, Build & Grow.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

🔎 Watchlist

Every day, countless Kenyan mothers are forced to choose between work and breastfeeding. Sahar Jamal, founder of Maziwa, has a vision to redefine maternal health. See how she empowers working mothers to balance their careers with caring for their newborns.

A serendipitous path into law led Sachin Malhan to become a pioneering entrepreneur dedicated to reshaping India's legal system. Check out how he’s impacting justice and nurturing innovative communities in Indian law.

Meet Spanish entrepreneur Pol Valés, who is determined to challenge the taboos and misconceptions clouding aesthetic medicine. His startup, Bloome, offers personalized aesthetic treatments and is growing quickly with strategic funding.

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