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So far, we’ve published three issues of Think, Build & Grow (and have also grown rapidly ourselves!), highlighting a plastic sailboat’s voyage to Zanzibar, discussing three inspiring women, and showcasing Indian entrepreneurs.

Next week, you’ll meet the Indian founder of Decube (based in Singapore, Malaysia, and the US), a social entrepreneur from Korea who envisions “equal access to tech for all,” and a Norwegian entrepreneur who was recently named a ‘Top Strategy Voice’ on LinkedIn.

Remember, this weekly newsletter is one of two ways to celebrate and support diversity in global entrepreneurship while connecting to the humans and the humanity behind it all. We also publish feature stories on our website every single week.

All this to say, the team and I are incredibly busy, which is why I’m hiring an assistant to support our growth. Bringing this key team member on board will also set the foundation for the community we launch in 2024.

The Mergerous Community will offer mentorship and events (online & offline) to global entrepreneurs, eventually fostering millions of collaborations between entrepreneurs worldwide.

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The truth is, there are many ways we plan to connect you with global entrepreneurs, and I don’t want you to miss out. 

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